Fashion Bloggers & Influencers


Want to receive exclusive discounts and promotions? Send us an email at We have a new line of EXCLUSIVE Gold Peach Apparel graphic tees and are looking for the right candidates to apply. The right candidates must have 3000+ active followers on Instagram, and/or 10K Subscribers on YouTube with an active, public profile.

Brand Blogger/ Influencer Agreement

When you join our team you agree to:

  • Make a product post within 15 days of receiving your chosen product to your public Instagram picture feed (Instagram stories can be used in connection with the picture feed posting but is not acceptable as the only form of posting.)
  • You will reference/ link our product homepage or Instagram page. If the product is out of stock you agree to still link/ reference our homepage or Instagram.
  • You will give us permission to use the photos on our website, blog or social media platform with all credit given back to you.

We will provide a standard contract when you agree to these terms.

We look forward to hearing from you!