Balenciaga Face Mask (Various Colors)

Balenciaga Face Mask (Various Colors)

Designer Inspired Mask
  • Made from two layers of 100% woven cotton. 
  • 26" Elastic loop goes around your head and can be adjusted by re-knotting to make tighter, if needed. 
  • can be washed and dried in a washing machine. 
  • Cut and sewn, in Houston, TX.
  • Lettering made with high quality vinyl.

These are not medical grade masks, but offer more protection than wearing nothing. The CDC recommends covering your face with 2+ layers when out in public. Wearing a mask is a great way to ensure you're not touching your face. They take a bit of getting used to. Try your best not to fidget with or readjust your mask. This defeats the purpose and could increase your contact with germs.


  • Wash any fabric mask before wearing.
  • Wash hands well before putting on mask. 
  • If mask gets wet or humid, switch to a new mask and wash damp mask. 
  • Never use a mask after single use without washing it. 
  • Wash after each use. If you go into a store, or are in public, remove mask and safely store in a bag before getting into your car or walk into your house so you’re not bringing any possible germs with you into those areas. 

When removing the mask:

  • Don’t touch the front or any surface of the mask - only remove via the elastic loops. 
  • After removing, immediately wash your hands or use hand sanitizer (70%+ alcohol based)
  • Place used mask in a bag, or directly into the washing machine.